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Hi, I'm Anita, the Disney Mama - Disneyland Goer Since 1968

I am many things. A daughter of God, Mother, business owner, artist, coffee maven, entrepreneur, animal lover and of course a Lover of all things Disney.

Having grown up 30 minutes from Disneyland, our school field trips often included the Magic Kingdom. I have performed at Disneyland in one of their parades as a High School Drill Team member and I was blessed to be there on May 27, 1977 to witness our Astronauts take the first official ride of Space Mountain (one of my favorite rides obviously).

I grew up in the age of records and I fondly remember playing over and over again the Disney Storybook records and reading along with the included book.

Needless to say, Walt Disney has touched my life in a wonderful way.

I offer insights, reviews, event news, Disney merchandise reviews, and customized services as well.

If there's anything you wish to hear about, don't hesitate to let me know.

Concierge Consultant Services

Are you traveling to Disneyland in Anaheim Calfornia? Wondering what to do, where to eat, what rides to go on first?

I offer my services as an expert Disneyland goer.

Whether you want me to accompany you as your personal trip assistant for the day, or to help with reservations and guidance to plan your day, I am here to help.

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