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My Experience at Pandora in Disneyland

I’m sure I’m like most Disney Mama’s out there. We’re truly enamored by Disney, and we love bringing our Kiddos here, but we also love the grown-up things. Like Disney fine jewelry!

I decided into our first year as pass holders I wanted to start a Pandora Disney Charms bracelet. I wasn’t all too familiar with them, except I saw some beautiful bracelets that are personalized on Instagram. I decided that I wanted to get my initial bracelet on eBay, in case I didn’t like wearing it., this way I wasn’t out too, too much.  And I’m so glad I started that way. I had a very positive experience with the seller and was very pleased with the quality of the bracelet and charms. But a word to the wise…not all eBay sellers are selling genuine Pandora items. ALWAYS check feedback and here’s a little tip…Set up these preferences: Condition – Used, Location – the United States, Buying format – Accepts Offers. That has really helped me narrow it down to reputable sellers for the most part.

I just recently purchased my first 5 charms directly from the ShopParks app as well as in the store at Disneyland across from the Pirates of the Carribean exit.

I will review my experience at the Pandora Store in Disneyland and hope this helps some of you when making your next Disney Pandora Charm purchase.

Purchasing Disney Charms at the Pandora Store in Disneyland

When I first decided I wanted Pandora Charms and a bracelet, I went into the store on a visit to look and gauge pricing. The customer service underwhelmed me. The women in there were almost snobbish which felt so out of place at the Happiest Place on Earth. Well months down the line I decided I’d give it another go. I looked at the reviews on Yelp to see what others had to say about their experience. The reviews were just awful, and honestly, I was scared to go back in, not knowing how I’d be treated.

On a Thursday morning at about 10:15 am, I arrived. The store had some lookie-loos, checking out the brightly displayed silver and gold jewelry. Although the store is small, it is quaint and has quite a good selection. I was greeted right away by a cheerful Pandora representative. The other two representatives also acknowledged me kindly. I was so taken aback by their congeniality, that I told them about my fear of coming into the store. They said they were aware of those reviews, but there was a whole new crew there. How blessed was I? Anywho, I already knew what I wanted to look at and requested to take a peek. I was asking questions about which charms were Park Exclusives and which were not, while they brought out my requests to look at. Then all of a sudden I spotted a fantastic Maleficent charm…oh my!

Along with it was Cruella DeVil and the Queen of hearts charm. Why it was a Villian set I hadn’t even heard of in all my research. Yes, I did end up purchasing that set along with the Annual Passholder charm and Bambi. The charms are lovely and add a wonderful personalized touch to my Disney themed Pandora Bracelet.

passholder pandora charm

An added bonus, is that Anuual Passholders get their discount here! Yahoo!!! As I went to finalize my purchase, both my debit and credit cards pinged the store as fraud activity.  That added an unfortunate snag in the acquisition of my charms…but the Pandora people were great while I was on the phone with my bank and were so patient.

I have nothing but praise for the Pandora store reps. They bent over backwards for me and I highly recommend you stop in and shop there for your next charms. And be sure to tell them Anita sent you.

bambi pandora charm


Disclaimer: This article contains (one) affiliate link to eBay. 



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