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Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Disneyland & DCA Trip


5 ways to save money at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park

Why not save money in some areas that will allow you to spend it elsewhere Disneyland and Disney California Adventure? Right?

For me, I’d rather put that $3.75 cost for a bottle of water towards a new pair of Mickey Ears or how about a new Pandora Disney Charm (yes please). Having been to the Disneyland Resort Park over 60 times in just the last two years, I have some great money saving tips for you and your family.

  1. PACK WATER BOTTLES – Savings of $3.75 per water bottle

    So, here’s a couple of different ways to go. ONE – Take just one bottle per family member and refill as you go through the park. PRO TIP: you can ask for ice water at any of the restaurants and quick service food places to refill your bottles. TWO – Bring a whole bunch of water bottles and leave them in a locker for $7.00. Otherwise you’ll end up paying Disneyland & DCA $3.75 per water bottle.

  2. PACK A LUNCH – Savings of $29.00 for two people

    When I plan just right, we’ll eat a healthy breakfast in the morning and I’ll pack a lunch for the afternoon. I’ll have a dinner reservation at one of our favorite Disneyland Restaurants OR order via the mobile app from The Bengal Barbeque OR The Red Rose Tavern. This way we’re only paying for one meal for the day.

  3. BRING SNACKS – Savings of $12 for two people

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the snacks at Disneyland. However,  if I want to put some money towards some tangible items I’ll pack healthy snacks to tide us over till dinner and save those pennies for some Disneyland Pins or other goodies.

  4. COFFEE PLEASE – Savings of $9 for two people

    I’ll be honest, the last few times we’ve gone I  do my late afternoon Main Street Starbucks run. I’ll get my dirty Chai Latte and my son will get his hot chocolate (no matter how hot it is outside). It’s just the right amount of yum and energy all in one. However, I have a nifty little trick that has helped me curb this $9.00 expense. Trader Joe’s has these amazing little single serve instant coffee packets with cream & sugar already included and they taste great. I mean I’m picky, I won’t drink brown water just because it has caffeine in it so it’s got to be good. Honestly, I actually put two of the packets in a 16 oz water bottle that is reserved just for my coffee.

    Savings $30 Portable Charger, $20 Cable

    I guarantee you will need a charger on your adventure to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. You’ll be using your phone all day long for taking pictures, having the Disneyland App open, getting your tickets scanned, playing the new Disney App while you’re waiting in line. Almost EVERYONE has a portable charger, and you would feel so silly when your phone starts running out and you end up having to buy one at Disneyland for $30.00. Also, don’t forget the cable for your phone. I speak from experience. They have them at the camera shop on Main Street in case you ever do need one but beware…I ended up having to buy a cable for close to $20, twenty-dollars! Uhg. You better believe that’s a ‘not gonna forget it’ item now.

This is just a small list of the top things that have helped me to budget our Disneyland Trips. I’ll add a couple of bonus items that you should stick in your backpack otherwise you may end up having to buy them at the Parks:

Hand Sanitizer
Fan (yes…Dollar Tree is great for these)

Have fun at the park!

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