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What are the Hardest FASTPASSES to get at Disneyland & DCA?

If you’re planning your trip to Disneyland, I’m sure you’re thinking about how to get the most out of your Disney adventure by getting to experience as much of Disneyland and DCA as you can. One of the best things you can do is purchase the MaxPass for an additional $10. MaxPass enables you to acquire your FASTPASSES via your phone on the Disneyland app, enabling you to get your FASTPASSES as quick as your nimble fingers can type. Keep in mind that FASTPASSES run out, and this happens sooner rather than later on some rides. So here are some strategies to get onto those rides that run out of FASTPASSES the quickest.

Ready, Set, Go!

IMPORTANT TIP: Before you get in line to enter either of the parks, have your Disneyland App open and ready to use. The first thing you’re going to do is link all the tickets your family has onto your Disneyland App. As soon as your family’s tickets are scanned at the gate you can then create your first FASTPASS Group, which will include all the tickets you linked on your Disneyland App.

The Top FIVE Disneyland & DCA FASTPASSES


ONE – Radiator Springs Racers | Disney California Adventure – Cars Land
Radiator Springs Racers starts off as a quaint ride through Radiator Springs, culminating in an exciting car race that leaves riders with smiles on their faces and windswept hair. The popularity of this ride in Disney California Adventure can’t be overstated. I’ve been amazed at how quickly the FASTPASSES for this ride are gone by the early afternoon and the wait times get upwards of 90 minutes on busy days. This is THE first FASTPASS you want to book as soon as your tickets have been scanned at the entrance. More often than not you’ll only get one FASTPASS for this a day, but if you want to go again, don’t forget about the Single Rider line! That’s a great and quick way to enjoy another adventure in Radiator Springs.

Radieator Springs Racers



TWO – Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! | Disney California Adventure – Hollywood Land
I love pretty much all the rides at Disneyland and DCA, but I’ll be honest with you. This ride is my very favorite!!! I’m a huge fan of the movies and a sci-fi nut to boot and being a child of the 70’s & the 80’s…well the music is my groove. These FASTPASSES go quickly, so I highly recommend this to be your second FASTPASS reservation of the day, otherwise, if you wait, you may not end up going on Guardians till 10 pm if at all. And here’s a tip…When the lift pauses at the very top with a view of the park, get ready to do your best Vogue pose, it’s picture time.



THREE – Space Mountain | Disneyland Park – Tomorrowland
As one of THE maiden riders of Space mountain on May 27, 1977, this Disneyland ride hasn’t lost any of its excitement and still thrills me to this day. With the way that the FASTPASSES for this ride run out, I can assuredly say that the majority of Disneyland goers feel the same way, making this the third FASTPASS recommendation for your Disneyland trip.  The twists and turns, and outer space feel as you whirl through the star-speckled darkness sensing the wind from your effervescent travels is simply exhilarating! The standby line often gets up to 90 minutes for this ride, whew…I’d rather be doing other things in the park than waiting for an hour and a half wouldn’t you? As with the Radiator Springs Racers, Indiana Jones and the Incredicoaster Single Rider lines are great if they run out of FASTPASSES.


FOUR – The Incredicoaster | DCA – Pixar Pier
Anyone an Incredible’s fan? You’re talking to a diehard Incredibles lady who absolutely loves the Incredible’s franchise and I’m beyond thrilled they have gotten so much representation in Disney California Adventure. The roller coaster is essentially the same as it was when it was California Screaming, but with all that is the Incredibles flair. The FASTPASSES for this are one of the hot items of the day, so be sure to make this your fourth FASTPASS reservation. Single Riders are welcome on this ride and provide a quick way to enjoy the thrills of this rollercoaster  vs waiting in the often long standby line.


FIVE – Indiana Jones Adventure | Disneyland Park – Adventureland
An exciting exploration ride into the world of Indiana Jones. Young and old enjoy this ride immensely. It’s fun, entertaining, scary and exhilarating. The last family I hosted at the park said it was their favorite ride from the entire day! Indian Jones Adventure is my recommendation for your fourth FASTPASS for the day as they run out quickly on busy days and you don’t want to miss this adventure. The Single Rider line is available for this ride and often gets you on the ride just as quickly as the FASTPASS.



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