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Why You Should Invest in a Disneyland Trip Assistant

personal disneyland trip assistantAre you feverishly planning your Disneyland Vacation in Anaheim, California? I’m sure you’ve done a ton of research and want to get the most out of your trip for you and your family. But what if? What if you could waylay the burden of some of that planning to someone who is intimately familiar with the park? What if you could have a chat with a local person who would act as your concierge trip assistant throughout the day? What if she booked all your meals, paid for your parking and stayed with you and your family making sure you did everything your heart desires?

Have you thought about what it might be like to have a local person with you who knows the park inside and out? Imagine having a local trip assistant with you and your family for the entire day. Someone who could help you with:

  • What to do first when you walk in the gates at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure
  • Someone to book the FASTPASSES for the rides that run out the quickest
  • Reserving meal/event packages in advance
  • The best place to get your meals
  • How you can save money
  • Getting on as many rides as possible in the park
  • Taking photos of your family throughout the day

Meet Anita – Your Personal Disneyland Trip Assistant

I hosted a family from New Orleans not too long ago and found that there is no way they could have done as much in Disneyland without me there. They simply wouldn’t have had a clue because they’re not there every week like I am. Simple things like:

  • The many Disneyland shortcuts to take (how about walking through the Emporium on a crowded day rather than down Main Street)
  • Where all the best bathrooms are in Disneyland and DCA
  • Ordering your food via the app and having it ready for you toot-sweet
  • What Disneyland or DCA shops have what
  • and so much more…

Having someone along as your Personal Disneyland Trip Assistant would save you hours and hours of time worrying about what to do when you’re in the Parks. You could simply enjoy moments with your family.

As your Disneyland Concierge Trip Assistant I am here to:

  • Make sure your family has a memorable Disneyland Experience
  • Help alleviate some of the planning
  • Book your restaurant reservations
  • Book your meal/event reservations
  • Book your FASTPASSES while in the Park
  • Take photos of you and your family throughout the day
  • Lead you through Disneyland and DCA like a pro

If this sounds like something that would make your trip to Disneyland a whole lot better, check out our Disneyland Trip Assistant information page.


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