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Zero Earrings from Hot Topic


Nightmare Before Christmas Earrings

My son & I decided to take a trip to our local mall…something that doesn’t happen very much, er should I say like rarely ever in the last few years. They’ve redone our local Carlsbad Mall here…now called The Shoppes at Carlsbad. Although many of the stores I came to love over the past 30 years are no longer there, Hot Topic has persevered.

I love that Hot Topic carries a lot of Disney related items: clothes, jewelry, toys, collectibles and more.

I’ve found wonderful treasures here, from my Stitch tops to cute jewelry pieces.

This time around they were laden with The Nightmare Before Christmas items. From Funko Pop to accessories.

We own a  dog named Zero and we love the Zero character from NBC, so when I saw these adorable earrings I thought they’d be great to wear to Disneyland these next two months.

My biggest concern was that they may hurt a bit due to cheaper metal, but not so. They haven’t bothered me at all and I’ve worn them all day at the park. They are simply adorable and add a wonderful Halloween flavor to my Disney ensembles. They are lightweight, stay on securely and the enamel paint is placed well.

So get on down to Hot Topic to pick up your pair or buy them online.

Nightmare Before Christmas Earrings

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